Scout TK

The FLIR Scout TK is one of the most price worthy thermal devices perfectly designed for outdoor use in different situations. Priced within a very affordable range, the mono thermal imager can make a huge difference for the hunter, shooter, birder och hiker in situations where a regular binocular or monocular is not sufficient.

Wheather one uses it during a safari or hunting wild boars at night, the advantages with the FLIR Scout TK are those of revealing the animals even when hiding in the brush or high vegetation due to it's ability to detect their body heat.

FLIR FLIR Scout TK 9Hz Compact Thermal vision Monocular
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6 995 kr
FLIR FLIR hård väska för värmekamera till Scout II-serien
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1 990 kr
FLIR FLIR bärväska för värmekamera i Scout II-serien
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625 kr

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