ATNi MARS-HD termiska sikten

ATN is the world's leading manufacturer of thermal weapon sights. The brand has utterly exploded with the manufacturing of series such as the Thor and Mars-HD, both known to deliver amazing quality and extreme stability. The company offers, as well, the posibility for each customer to upgrade their products, totally free of charge, every time a new program is designed for the particular models.

ATNi MARS-HD is the newest, fastest, and most ambitious thermal rifle scope series ever, the ATNI Mars-HD. The Mars-HD takes ATN’s time tests elite thermal system, capable of detection at over 2500 meters, and combines it with ATN’s next generation Obsidian user interface. The Obsidian core runs at over a billion cycles per second to let it run any task or video at blazing fast speed. The new Obsidian UI makes the scope as easy to customize as a phone, and makes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity easy and intuitive.


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